Samuel J. Fell

A freelance journalist, Sam is based in the Byron Shire on the NSW north coast. For the past decade and a half, he has written about Australian music for a range of publications including roots music bible Rhythms, where he’s a Senior Contributor; the Sydney Morning Herald; Rolling Stone; The Guardian; The Saturday Paper; and The Big Issue, among many others.

In 2016 he self-published his first book – Stars & Hype: First Time Notes On The American Deep South – and in 2018 will publish his second, with Starman Books. A History of the Australian Rock Press, covering the period from the initial appearance of Go-Set magazine (1966) through to today, the book will be a detailed recounting of the fifty year history of this auspicious part of Australian popular culture.

Examining the Oz Rock Press’s birth, growth and, as we march ever forward, its uncertain future, the book will also look closely at its importance to the Australian music industry, how it fits into the country’s media landscape as a whole, and how it’s helped shape an Australian identity internationally.