Ray Ahn

In 1974 when Ray was 9 years old, his family moved to Australia from South Korea. It was here that he discovered meat pies, pinball machines, wide open roads and rock and roll. As a teenager and armed with a rampaging tidal wave of underground music he rushed head-long into the fast and furious world of live music, both as a wide-eyed keen punter and a novice musician.

In 1982, the fledgling bass player joined schoolyard mates Peter “Blackie” Black and Keish de Silva in a band. They began playing as The Plebs before being renamed The Hard-ons. Ray still plays and records with the Hard-Ons and also with Nunchukka Superfly and punk legends The Victims.

His Mother’s father inspired his love for art, he was a lawyer in Seoul with a passion for drawing. As a kid he bought a lot of comic books and when the family migrated to Australia he got into superhero comics. His favourite artists are Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, MC Escher, Hieronymus Bosch and Dali. In the past his artwork has been loved by music fans worldwide but found offensive by others who often misunderstand his humour and hard-hitting social commentary.

Ray’s style is definitely unique! He once said “Sometimes, freedom is all you need in life, and everything else will work out OK some way”.


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    THE ART OF RAY AHN – Collector’s Edition




    Ray is a rock’n’roll legend. This MASSIVE coffee table size hardcover edition is jam packed with Ray’s artwork starting with early high school drawings.

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    THE ART OF RAY AHN – Deluxe Edition

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    A 2-volume set of Ray’s artwork, in a custom designed slipcase and printed on high quality 140gsm matt art paper. Limited to only 200 hand numbered copies, each boxset has a ‘different’ original signed piece of Ray’s artwork on the slipcase – that’s right, there are no two copies the same! This is a very rare and highly collectible boxset.

    Book 1 “The Art of  Ray Ahn – What I Did During My School Holidays” 
    Book 2  “The Comic Art of Ray Ahn”

    The ‘Comic Art of Ray Ahn’ is unique to this boxset and will not be made available separately. Buying the Deluxe boxset is the only way to own a copy.

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