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    MAN OUT OF TIME – “101 Books” Deluxe Edition


    BROD SMITH          

    Brod is renowned for his work with The Dingoes, Carson, Adderley Smith Blues Band, Broderick Smith’s Big Combo and more. Brod has also appeared on TV with roles on Blue Heelers, The McGregor Saga and State Coroner.

    Release #1 in the “101 BOOKS” series from STARMAN. This Deluxe Edition is limited to ‘101 copies’ each signed & numbered by Broderick Smith. With 396 pages printed on archival 140gsm matt artpaper and over 600 full cover images these large coffee table books (230×305) are housed in a beautiful clamshell custom slipcase. This Deluxe Edition includes a 3CD Boxset ‘THEN & NOW 1967-2017’ which features unreleased recordings from Adderley Smith Blues Band (1967), Brod’s BigCombo (1981) and a copy of his recently released album ‘Man Out Of Time’ (recorded 2017). This Slipcase and 3CD Boxset are exclusive to this ‘101 Edition’ and will be not available separately or reprinted. This edition is only available from Starman Books.

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    MAN OUT OF TIME – Collectors Edition



    Brod is a survivor, still performing and releasing new music, he is revered and much loved as the singer and frontman for the Dingoes, Carson, Adderley Smith Blues Band, Broderick Smith’s Big Combo and more. He has also appeared on TV with roles on Blue Heelers, The McGregor Saga and State Coroner.

    This  Collector’s Edition is limited  to 300 copies, each hand numbered . With 396 pages, these large coffee table books (23 x 30.5cm) are printed on archival 140gsm matt art paper and feature over 600 images.

    BONUS  – includes a hand signed lyric sheet for the classic Dingoes tune ‘Boy on The Run’

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  • Rockin Australia - Rock'n'Roll Poster BookRock'n'Roll Poster Book, Rock Poster Book $299.00

    ROCKIN AUSTRALIA – Concert Posters 1957-2007



    A mind-tripping visual history of Australian concert posters. Contained in a custom designed slipcase this 3 Volume box set features 2252 full-colour posters across 1200 pages of rock’n’roll memories. A Rock n Roll Poster book that will probably not be repeated.

    Spanning 50 years, these three books are the definitive word on Australian poster art. Included are classic Aussie acts, legendary overseas bands (and those not so well known), indie bands and much more. Artists like Johnny O’Keefe, Billy Thorpe, Easybeats, Masters Apprentices, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, T Rex, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Queen, AC/DC, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Clash, Kiss, Beasts of Bourbon, Scientists, Nirvana, Metallica and literally 1000’s more. A Rock Poster Book not to be missed.

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    THE ART OF RAY AHN – Deluxe Edition



    A 2-volume set of Ray’s artwork, in a custom designed slipcase and printed on high quality 140gsm matt art paper. Limited to only 200 hand numbered copies, each boxset has a ‘different’ original signed piece of Ray’s artwork on the slipcase – that’s right, there are no two copies the same! This is a very rare and highly collectible boxset.

    Book 1 “The Art of  Ray Ahn – What I Did During My School Holidays” 
    Book 2  “The Comic Art of Ray Ahn”

    The ‘Comic Art of Ray Ahn’ is unique to this boxset and will not be made available separately. Buying the Deluxe boxset is the only way to own a copy.

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    THE JEFF ST JOHN STORY – Collector’s Edition



    A true Aussie music legend! An inspirational and uplifting story of willpower, passion, rock’n’roll, hit singles, fame, drugs, séances, broken marriages, self doubt, attempted suicide, triumph and finally, true love… The Inside Outsider, as told by Jeffrey St John.

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