Doug Thomas

Doug was born in Perth in 1950, the third of 4 children to Max & Lil.

When he was 8, his older sister Jan who had nurtured him through his early years, took him to see the second Elvis Presley movie ‘Loving You’. Being in a cinema full of screaming teenage girls made quite an impact and he immediately stopped the piano accordion lessons his mother had insisted he suffer through… But guitar was even harder! The record collections of his siblings and AM radio were huge influences through his early teens, but the biggest impact came in 1965 when he saw the Roy Orbison/Rolling Stones concert.

Doug never saw himself as an academic but lasted until year 11 at Perth Modern School to please his parents. Like most teenagers, he was more interested in girls, surfing & music. Jobs were easily had in the 1960’s, so after bumming around awhile he got a bank job that lasted long enough for him to buy his first car (Holden’s every time) and earn enough money to have a look ‘over east’. He spent time in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, but kept being drawn back to Adelaide. For a few months in the early 1970’s he sold shares in W.A. land to investors in Alice Springs, Darwin & a few very interesting places in PNG – this was his first taste of the tropics.

He met his first wife Katrina in Adelaide and together they returned to Perth to earn ship-fare to Singapore and six months through Malaysia, Sumatra and Southern Thailand. In 1975, he opened Atlast Records using the LP collections of 2 travelling kiwi friends. The store was buried in an upstairs arcade opposite the Perth Town Hall. His first child Jessica (brat 1) was born October that same year.

In 1977, he jumped at the opportunity to buy an established second-hand record shop in Adelaide (Umbrella Music) and happily moved the family there. His second child Stina (brat 2) was born in February 1981. In 1978 he joined local band The Dagoes and in 1980 started Greasy Pop Records (and released The Dagoes ‘Sell Soul’ EP).

Doug spent his first 20 years in Perth, the next 20 in Adelaide and is now looking forward to spend the rest of them in Perth with Nan and enjoying his two favourite pastimes, music and golf.




    Greasy Pop Records (GPR) was an independent record label founded in Adelaide by Doug Thomas in 1980 to release The Dagoes debut record, The Dagoes Sell Soul. At the time, Thomas also owned local music store Umbrella Music and was a guitarist with the Dagoes.

    This lavish book has full colour images of every GPR release from the Doug Thomas Years (1980–1991). It pays homage to this very influential record label that risked everything to record the emerging new sounds from the streets of Adelaide, bands like the Exploding White Mice, The Mad Turks from Istanbul, The Spikes, Primitive Painters, Dust Collection, Garden Path and Primevils.

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