Brod Smith

Broderick was 11 when in 1959 his family migrated from the UK and settled in the suburbs of Melbourne.

In 1967 he joined his first band, the Adderley Smith Blues Band as singer and harmonica player. In mid 1971 he signed on with Carson – a boogie & blues band. Then in 1973, he helped form the Dingoes, the pioneering group that combined rhythm & blues with bush music to develop a unique Australian country rock sound – their many classic tunes include ‘Boy on the Run’ ‘Way Out West’ and ‘Smooth Sailing’. Dingoes disbanded in 1978.

Since the Dingoes, he has fronted various bands with his name featured: Broderick Smith’s Hired Hands (1978–1979), Broderick Smith’s Big Combo (1979–1982), Broderick Smith Band (1982–1985). Of these, Big Combo provided his best known latter releases with the singles ‘Faded Roses’ and ‘My Father’s Hands’.

He has appeared in brief TV roles including episodes of Blue Heelers in 1994’s Adverse Possession and 1997’s Bloodstained Angels; 1998’s drama Snowy River: The McGregor Saga episode Prince of Hearts and crime drama State Coroner episode On Thin Ice.

In 2009, he was inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame for his work with the Dingoes. Following this in 2010, the band reformed, recorded a new album in Tucson Arizona and undertook a successful national tour.

During a long career spanning over 50 years, he has worked with such legendary artists as Buffy St Marie, Joe Cocker and Cat Stevens. He continues to perform and recently recorded a new album Man Out Of Time. He is also writing for other performers. And learning guitar.