ROCKIN AUSTRALIA is a mind-tripping visual history of Australian concert posters. It features 2255 full-colour posters highlighting classic Aussie acts like Johnny O’Keefe, Billy Thorpe, Masters Apprentices, Daddy Cool, Skyhooks, Sherbet, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Angels, Cold Chisel, Radio Birdman, Mentals, Rose Tattoo, INXS, Hard-Ons, Silverchair, You Am I, etc. along with legendary overseas bands the likes of the Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, T Rex, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Clash, Kiss, Metallica etc. as well as heaps of indie bands and many others forgotten by time.

ROCKIN AUSTRALIA allows the reader a rare glimpse inside the private collection of author James Anfuso who has spent the last 25 years putting together the most significant collection of Australian concert posters anywhere in the world. This limited edition 3 volume book with over 1200 pages brings together for the first time 2255 posters including many extremely rare and legendary posters like those for the 1968 Who/Small Faces tour and the 1972 Led Zeppelin tour.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to journey through our rock’n roll past – perhaps re-ignite  memories of concerts seen, of bands loved or simply to fantasise about the many concerts or bands you wished you had the opportunity to see.

ROCKIN AUSTRALIA is an exclusive edition of only 666 copies; each individually hand-numbered. This premium quality hard cover publication of three Volumes (265×335) is housed in a special custom designed slipcase and contains over 1200 pages.

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It’s been a long and at times difficult journey for the man born Jeffrey Leo Newton.  His seemingly normal world was turned on its head when at an early age he was diagnosed with Spina Bifada – many challenging and at times life threatening illnesses and long periods of hospitalisation followed.

Despite this, his extra-ordinary singing talent soon surfaced. A child prodigy, his made his first professional appearance aged 5 singing at his Aunty Betty and Uncle Thomas’ wedding.

As a teenager, he did what many of us dream about and ran away from home, until a friendly policeman put him back on the straight and narrow. By age 15, he had secured a guest spot on Channel Nine’s TV teen talent showcase, Opportunity Knocks, hosted by Desmond Tester, he appeared regularly on the show between 1961 and 1963.

From an early age, he refused to see Spina Bifada as a disability or use it as an excuse to prevent him achieving his goals. Many things were beyond his control and with his mobility deteriorating in early 1965; he had no option but to exchange his leg calipers for crutches. This setback did little to deter him and he soon joined his first band. On record, Jeff St John is best remembered for scorching, brass-laden smash singles like “Big Time Operator” and “Teach Me How To Fly”.

At the peak of his popularity, Jeff underwent a series of complicated operations that resulted in loss of mobility and him becoming wheelchair-bound. Undeterred, Jeff soon returned to live performance and transformed what many saw as a ‘liability’ into his own trademark, executing ‘wheelies’ and ‘pirouettes’ across the stage as he sang.

But beneath his successful public persona was a struggling soul striving to find love and overcome personal demons. Finally, unable to cope with the roller coaster of one broken relationship after another, he succumbed to self-doubt and attempted the ultimate act of self-criticism – suicide.

His is a story of inspiration, passion, rocknroll, hit singles, fame, drugs, séances, broken marriages, self doubt, attempted suicide, triumph and finally true love…

Jeff St John poetry book cover


A beautifully presented book of poetry by Jeffrey St John. This limited edition book of only 70 numbered and signed copies was published to celebrate the author’s 70th birthday.